Beyond Expected


Put simply, this campaign was tasked with launching ASD Zero into the non-alcoholic beer category.
A category that was already saturated, so immediate standout was vital.

Therefore, landing our core creative idea of Beyond Expected was key. We had to take consumers beyond what they expected of a non-alcoholic beer,
both in terms of visual style and by unpacking
great super dry taste.


As a latecomer to the market we didn’t need to explain the role for a zero percent beer, like our competitors had. This gave us the freedom to focus on what makes our non-alcoholic beer the best in the market.

Our zeroing-in on the Super Dry Taste was born with our ‘Beyond Expected’ campaign.

We wanted to convince everyone that the most important thing in choosing their zero percent lager was taste; specifically, Asahi’s unique taste; a taste that was born from the vibrancy of modern Japan.

‘Super Dry’ beer was born in Tokyo and we went on to demonstrate the innovative culture that sits at the heart of each bottle of liquid and encourage people to focus on that, rather than the typical ABV push.





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